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Why I started Jessie Learns Chinese

Me on the Great Wall – 8 hour climb

Hi everyone! Welcome to Jessie Learns Chinese 🙂 I’m Jessie.

I’m an American-born Chinese woman, aka an ABC. My parents are originally from Inner Mongolia and Shandong province, moving to the US for their master’s degrees. I was born in the United States, and have lived most of my life in Michigan. I went to the University of Michigan for college, where I majored in business. During the summer after my freshman year, I had no plans, so my parents suggested I go study abroad in Shanghai. It was one of the best experiences of my life and ignited a passion for immersing myself in my Chinese heritage.

As a child, I never really wanted to learn more about my Chinese identity. I went to Chinese school every Saturday, but it wasn’t interesting to me at all. I mostly spoke English at home, so I never developed my ability to speak Chinese.

But being in Shanghai, on a college campus, I learned just how amazing life in China is. I wanted to live in China and work in China at some point of my life. And to do that I needed to learn Chinese!

Now, I live in the Bay Area in California, working as a Product Manager. Learning a language is already hard, but when you’re doing it on top of working 9-5 PM, exercising regularly and having a social life, it often gets cast to the side. I’m starting this blog to have a place where I can share my journey in learning Chinese – both the language and the culture.

I hope to share amazing moments and memories as we all dig into our Chinese roots a bit more!

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